Friday, 18 August 2017

Familielied aan het Water by Anna Mikhailova

Photo's by Vika Ushkanova (

Music is an universal language. For Anna Mikhailova from Charlois is this the starting point for a very personal project “Familysong- het Familielied”:
"In case of my family every new generation was born in one place and moved to a different country to live most of their life. I felt need in belonging, support and family protection and heard silence. Since very early I consider music as my main language and I started to think what would make me to fulfil the need and what can help me to regenerate and heal myself and the answer was – familysong."

Anna is inviting families from Charlois to make in collaboration their personal familysong. The melody and the sound contain the elements, which the family would find fit their nature, depending to their roots or taste or ideology or desire to live. The text is based on the personal experience of the different generations in the family.

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